SME Credit Insurance

When it comes to affording credit to your customers there are many elements of risk out in the market that are beyond your control, so why not insure your debtors book and achieve peace of mind. Insurance is a sure way to guarantee that you will in the event of default, at least receive a portion of your debt. There are a range of insurance products available to suit all industries ranging from SMEs right through to multi-national organisations. You can tailor-make your own Credit Insurance policy and by doing so ensure that is affordable and suited to your business.

Together with the insurance aspect of the policy you will receive the added benefit of your debtor being monitored for any adverse information and will be made aware of this as soon as default occurs.

Cover the risk of your debtors not paying you with the following benefits:

  • Debtor insurance specific to your size of business, industry and clients.
  • Ease of understanding of implementation and claims management.
  • Facilitation from your insurance company from initiation to collection.