We believe in fair lending practise for SME’s.

Given that an active SME sector creates a positive knock-on effect for any economy not only in terms of stimulating production and creating employment, but also uplifting communities – it’s ironic that there is a gap in the South African lending and borrowing market for this sector, especially considering that one of our NDP goals is to create 90% of new jobs through SMEs.

Unlocking economic growth through SME Financing

In South Africa, the SME sector is estimated to contribute between 35%-45% and 50%-60% toward Gross Domestic Product and the labour force respectively, according to research undertaken by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and The Banking Association of South Africa – making it easy to see why it is viewed as a lever for increasing economic growth.

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Why Transparency Matters

Business dynamics have changed fundamentally and today, transparency has never been more important to a successful business model. The ‘need to know’ concept is being broken down by savvier, more skeptical consumers and small businesses and a fundamentally connected economy which demands that transparency extends beyond personal interactions, to become a core business pillar. In

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If your business meets the following criteria we are keen to talk to you.

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Do you have a debtors book?
Do you have more than 5 debtors?
Is your turnover more than 6 million per annum?
Have you been in business for more than 2 years?
Do you trade with other businesses on 30 / 60 or 90 day terms?
Is the property bonded?
Is the property rented or occupied?
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