Outsourced Credit Management and Collections can improve cash flow efficiency.

Outsourced Credit Management and Collections

Managing debtors is not easy and harms businesses when not done correctly. After all, a sale is only a sale when the cash is in the bank. This is where a Credit Management and Collections team can help you.

We have the right people, systems and technology to help small to large businesses get this right, and we do it affordably.

Why is managing your creditors so important? Working together, you can have:

  • Rehabilitated debtors and an established culture of disciplined payment through each stage of debt
  • An enhanced credit policy, which allows you to maintain market share with sufficient cash flow
  • Access to a variety of specialists involved in credit risk, strategy, collections as well as accredited agents involved in activations,   receipt value and payment conversions– think of us as your extended team
  • A specific commercial collection strategy for your business
  • More people looking out for your business and reputation